About Us

Today's Fifth Connecticut Regiment

The Fifth Connecticut Regiment is made up of people who are interested in the history of this country and teaching others through living history. It was formed as a family group, encouraging women and children to participate as well. This gives us the ability to teach about other aspects of colonial life beyond the military. A good number of our members have been a part of this regiment for many years, some members have been active with us since 1974, when citizens first gathered to re-form the Fifth Connecticut Regiment.


The wants and desires of the membership are what drives Board decisions. Meetings are open to the entire membership. Members are encouraged to participate and make suggestions. This is a group that encompasses all members, not just the elected board. We also encourage people to become a part of the administrative board through elections. Anyone can aspire to be commander/president of our group! These opportunities extend to the field positions of NCO and Officers. Members donate their time and attendance to the hobby in varying degrees.


Our members have a variety of reasons for joining the hobby. Some of our members are already immersed in knowledge of the period and want to share this with others in a unique and meaningful way. Other people have a great interest in history and a desire to learn more. Others enjoy teaching the public in a way that goes beyond the pages of history books. Still others join because its a family organization and they can all participate together. One newer member said, "This hobby is what I've been looking for as a parent. It brings my teenage son and I together on a weekend. Most weekends my family is going in all different directions and this gives us the chance to spend time together."